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Rehabilitation Made Fun

Imagine a world where physical therapy is enjoyable, where patients don’t exercise in therapy rooms, but enjoy strolls on sandy beacheshikes in rain forests and picking flowers on green meadows, while they achieve small wins every moment and big victories every day.

We’re merging physical therapy and virtual reality to cut rehabilitation time, yet allow clinics to charge more for the premium service.

Motivating Patients in Hospitals is Difficult

The motivation of people with disabilities or in need of rehabilitation to exercise is difficult to achieve.

Patients exercise in uninviting rehabilitation rooms, filled with medical equipment, devices, and rehabilitation machines.

They have to go there every day for months, sometimes years.

They exercise less than they should and fight depression, which in turn generates additional problems or prolonged rehabilitation.

But it’s Much Easier if they can Escape the Hospital Environment


Letting patients exercise with the help of Virtual Reality allows clinicians and therapists to teleport patients to their favorite place.

It’s incomparably easier to motivate patients when they can walk in forests, meadows, or villages, or anywhere else.

Patients can unlock new environments and challenges as they achieve objectives and compete with themselves, the patients next door, or with anyone in the world to secure the spot on local or global leaderboards.

I founded Rehab3D to bring fun into physical rehabilitation. To teleport patients to beautiful 3D worlds helping them get better sooner.

Rosianne Micallef Bremec
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Next Generation of Physical Rehabilitation is Here: Faster, Better and More Fun


Physical rehabilitation of posttrauma and post-COVID-19 patients is a long, arduous, and expensive effort for the patient, the hospital and the society.

Virtual Realty

Adding virtual reality environments as the key motivator and as an escapistic element to rehabilitation allows patients to get away from reality and into a fantasy where they can walk, run, even fly with ease.


Patients are awarded for attaining exercise goals with new environments, fun activities, and points. Patients can compete with the person next door, or play against any other patient in the world in real-time, and compete to the next milestone.


Clinicians and therapists can follow the patient’s progress in detail, allowing them to set challenging, yet achievable goals and exercises. Patients can follow their progress on their phones.

Faster and Better

With these tools, patients look forward to physical therapy. They are motivated to get better faster and get back to their lives happier. Hospitals can treat more patients and charge a premium for the treatment.

Billion $ is the estimated size of Global Physiotherapy Services Market in 2023

Billion $ was the Size Of Global Physiotherapy Equipment Market in 2019


Is the CAGR of the Global Physiotherapy Equipment Market

Billion $ is the market size of the Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Centers industry in 2020 in US alone

Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation

COVID-19 is the new driver of physical rehabilitation market and demand. PAHO and WHO suggested post-Covid-19 rehabilitation improves the health outcomes of patients with severe cases of COVID-19 and benefits health services. Severe-case patients suffer from impaired lung function, physical deconditioning and muscle weakness, delirium, and other cognitive impairments.

No More Uninviting Hospital Rooms

Patients will never again have to endure the depressing environment of the hospital rehabilitation room.

Only Invigorating Environments and Fun Challenges

Now clinicians and therapists can select from a variety of patients’ favorite environments. Instead of depressing hospital environments, patients can exercise anywhere they want.

Explore the Fantasy World

Paddle on the Alpine Lake

Discover the Mystery of the Magic Garden

Help Fix a Medieval Home

Follow Butterflies in the Ancient Forest

Pick Flowers by a Cool Stream

Escape the City of the Future

Get Rich in the Enchanted Cave

Help a Beaver Family Build a Dam

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